8 Ocak 2013 Salı

Giderayak Travel Agency

Giderayak travel agency's calendar sketches.
the photography in "january" was taken by Elif Kahveci.

Christmas Gift. Frisbee disc design.

To be continued...

18 Kasım 2012 Pazar

Randomly Collected

An Organic illustration by an Behance user Atelier Olschinsky from Vienna, Austria

Don't Drink and Drive :)

Quentin Tarantino Movie Poster Series

Time goes by...

It's Christmas!

Nowadays, the latest challenge of branding design is applications. Companies also need to design the virtual face of the company. 

Our lives become digital, everything around us is almost virtual.

A little poster design break between tons of branding example :)

By progresing on branding design, I have started to choose the paper that I am going to print and serve my works. I think project fit well with my research. Appetite of the orange and the paper...

Design is a progress. Synthesis of our observations. Outcome of a brainstorming.
Here, we can clearly how did the parts come together in a talking and working communication.

Christina Bassols is an architecture company and this is how their visuals have been created.

For more info and designs, 
check out > http://maentis.com

Marvel Minimalist Wallpapers

This James Bond movie was one of the best. At first time, MI6 is getting close to the end, Bond dies, he fight and struggles with his own will. For the first time we receive informations about Bond's childhood. No more explosive fancy pen or super clever car...
As storywise, it was perfect.